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Herbal Risings’ on-site class is a one-day, 6 hour class covering the Herbal Risings Principles & Standards of Cannabis and Patient Care. You can visit this link to learn more about how the standard Herbal Risings class typically goes. We’re local, and have strong ties to Arizona cannabis-friendly companies. We’re ruthless representatives fighting to help quality candidates stand out in a sea of the curious.

The unique spin on the SWCC Expo class is a showcase of the participants, turning you into “stars for a day”. Think of it as on-site talent show within the class. We want ALL the dispensaries, producers, and ancillary companies to recognize you. We’ll have a list of graduates available to all SWCC Expo partners, and the “best in class awards” will be sponsored by SWCC Expo vendors. It’s really an exciting time for your unique talents to be recognized.

The class ticket includes workbook, class materials, prizes, guest speaker access, resume reviews, and aftercare services to help with job placement.

Herbal Risings Live Career Workshop

Saturday, October 14, 2017

10:40am to 6:00pm t the Phoenix Convention Center

Topics Include:

– Flower classifications
– Understanding edibles and tinctures
– Arizona marijuana community: learn about events, law structure, and state comparisons
– Customer care practices: customer purchase negotiations, conflict resolutions, job titles, and responsibilities
– Concentrates intro: how extracts are made and consumed, devices, application methods, and terminology/vocabulary
– Ailments and conditions
– Career resources
– Updates from guest speakers
– Resume review
– Mock interview sessions
– Certificate graduation
– Career referrals
– Much more!

* Enrollment is a NON-refundable ticket to a class. Exchanges are available.
* Does not guarantee a job.

Start TimeTopicDescription
10:40amCheck Inworkbooks will be distributed
11:00amHerbal Risings IntroductionsStudent intros and backstories
11:30amArizona Marijuana Industryintroduction to the conference
11:50amBudtender Roleappearance, confidentiality, time management, test, awards
12:10pmFlower Classificationsmedicinal compounds, medical benefits, test, awards
12:30pmConcentrates and Medibles
1:00pmAilments and Patient Care
1:30pmMeal Break
2:10pmGuest Speaker!
2:30pmConcentrates Specialistaromatic terpenes and vital healing compounds, types and processes, temperature points, future extraction methods, test, awards
4:00pmBest in Classtesting, quizzes, Q&A: resume tips and tricks with a professional resume consultant
5:00pmGraduationcertificates, individual and group photo session

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