‘Green Gold’ is coming to Texas! Not since the gusher era of the Texas oil boom has any industry had this blowout economic potential.

“Texas Citizens have the unique opportunity to learn more about what is happening in State and Nationally at the 2nd Annual: Southwest Cannabis Conference & Expo in Ft. Worth this weekend.” –Demitri Downing-Former Prosecutor and Co-founder of the SWCC Expo emerging market expo

 “Texas Medical Cannabis is here to stay, everyone should be curious about what this emerging industry will look like and what the medicine does! With the Trump administration acknowledging the distinction between adult use and medicine  and  even Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones making comments supportive of cannabis use, its just a matter of how fast the gushing from this industry begins!” –Demitri Downing-Former Prosecutor and designer of the SWCC Expo emerging market expo

 FORT WORTH, Texas (April 2017) NFL players, patients, doctors, taxpayers, entrepreneurs, cultivators, media, job seekers, policy makers and other curious citizens gather in Fort Worth at the Southwest Cannabis Conference & Expo to proclaim cannabis is medicine. The event, scheduled for April 21-23, will be held at the Fort Worth Conference Center.

The future of medical marijuana is bright and opportunities abound. Texas is the front lines of the national evolution. With Jerry Jones and Jeff Sessions acknowledging and accepting medical marijuana, the future is clear, Cannabis is here to stay as a medicine and this means an entire industry will be emerging here in Texas. What it looks like is up to you!

 As de-criminalization of cannabis spreads across Texas, debates continue in governing bodies about how medical marijuana will be responsibly implemented, and if and when other adult use occurs.  This is potentially an economic opportunity that hasn’t been seen since the oil boom. For three days over the weekend of April 21-23rd in the Fort Worth area, American cannabis industry and national experts will discuss how to capitalize on this trend.

Texas is widely considered to be one of the most lucrative emerging cannabis markets. The Lone Star State has a burgeoning cannabis industry that’s on the cusp of becoming one of the biggest U.S. markets.

This event features a line-up of celebrities, former pro football players, medical professionals and more, all working cohesively to bring about increased cannabis awareness.

The Conference is three packed days of cannabis information, education and networking, including a major expo with 100+ exhibitors.

 At a special event prior to the conference will be held on Friday April 21, join former NFL players Marvin Washington, Boo Williams, Darren Long and many more athletes and medical professionals on the discussion of cannabis and NFL, Organizers are hoping Jerry Jones comes in support. http://proathletesprocannabis.com.

(According to Pro Football Talk, Jones and the NFL’s 31 other owners held a private meeting at the Annual League Meeting in Phoenix last week, and during that private meeting, Jones told the other owners that he wants the NFL to “drop its prohibition on marijuana use.”)

Come see what the new world of cannabis will become in the foreseeable future.  Even more important is to learn about this business opportunity which is still in its infant stages. Come to Fort Worth as the American cannabis industry spends a weekend in Texas to explore this emerging trend.